AQUA LOCK Plus ™ Latex Stain Killer

AQUA LOCK Plus ™ Latex Stain Killer is a 100% acrylic formulated primer that provides excellent adhesion properties to a variety of interior & exterior surfaces. It has superior sealing and coverage qualities, product versatility and is an excellent base coat for both latex and oil-based finish coatings. It offers excellent stain blocking properties for water stains, fingerprints, smoke, crayons and more. Mildew Resistant: This product contains agents that inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the paint film. For interior & exterior applications on : Drywall, Plaster, Ceiling Acoustical Tile, Wood Trim & Doors, Formica, Ceramic Tiles, Glossy Surfaces, PVC Plastic, Masonry Walls, Wood Siding, Cedar & Redwood, Wood Fences, Trim, Shutters, Masonry, Stucco, Concrete, Cement Block, Galvanized Metal, Aluminum, Vinyl Siding, etc. Aqualock is now formulated to the Insl-x greenmark™ standard. With under 50G/l of VOC content, Aqualock will meet all United States Green Building Council's LEEDS standards for new construction and renovation projects. View the greenmark™ data sheet for more information on the greenmark™ standard.

ben® Premium Interior Latex Primer

ben Premium Interior Latex Primer is high hiding and is easy to apply. It dries quickly allowing a topcoat to be applied the same day. Ideal for sealing a variety of porous and non-uniform surfaces.

Cover-Stain® Oil-Base Primer

Cover-Stain® is an all-purpose oil-base stain-killing primer-sealer. Ideal for interior and exterior applications. Recoat in only one hour. Great for cedar bleed. May be used under any oil-base or water-base topcoat.

Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer

Combining premium performance with high–productivity application properties, Fresh Start (046) is ideal for use on a wide variety of interior and exterior substrates. It is recommended for the following interior surfaces: new or previously painted wood, plywood, drywall, ceiling tile, Formica®, Masonite®, ceramic tile, and cured plaster. Optimum priming results can also be achieved on the following exterior substrates: new or previously painted wood, fiber cement board, hardboard siding, aluminum, galvanized metal, brick, cured masonry, and previously coated ferrous metal surfaces.

Super Spec® Primer

The Super Spec line offers a complete portfolio of primers for residential and commercial use.

B-I-N® Shellac-Base Primer

B-I-N is the original pigmented shellac stain-killing primer-sealer. Great for knots, water stains, fire and smoke damage. Best interior new wood primer. Dries in minutes; recoat in 45 minutes. Seals in tough stains, pet, smoke and fire odors. Great under all topcoats.